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Steve Carroll, founder of cashflowtemplate.co.uk, is a Chartered Management Accountant and licensed by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants as a Member in Practice.

As well as setting up cashflowtemplate.co.uk, Steve runs Porterdale Business Consultancy which he founded in 2015. This includes roles as a portfolio Finance Director working as a right-hand man with SME business owners on a part-time basis. For more details see www.porterdale.co.uk

Steve’s extensive experience includes 15 years as a Finance Director at various SME companies and 7 years at a leading international accountancy firm. His other qualifications include a degree in Economics and a Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching.

Steve was appointed as an Access to Finance Advisor with the Sheffield City Region Growth Hub in 2015, and his team have since supported over 1,000 SME businesses with their growth plans including the delivery of over £10m of capital grants towards capital projects in excess of £100m. Steve has also been appointed as a Business Growth Advisor at Business Sheffield.

This experience of dealing with all aspects of finance with hundreds of different organisations, funders, and other professional advisers has been brought to cashflowtemplate.co.uk for your benefit.

Harness over 25 years’ worth of experience in a single cash flow template that is designed specifically for your ease of use to generate professional results.

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