Rolling Cashflow Forecast Template


Download the Compassheet free Rolling Cashflow Forecast Template for use in Microsoft Excel.  The tutorial on the video below shows you how to:

  • Set up the weekly or monthly template with the start date and organisation name
  • Enter labels for individual customers and other receipts
  • Enter labels for suppliers, wages and other payments
  • Set up weekly, monthly and other regular Direct Debits to feed through automatically into the forecast
  • Show how to replace the oldest date headings and replace it to extend the forecast by another period
  • Show the graphs including how actual starting bank balances are used to update the forecast

A tutorial on the Compassheet rolling cashflow forecast. The Excel template helps you build a weekly or monthly cashflow forecast for up to 16 periods. Previous periods can then be replaced as the model is rolled forward.  With graphs and a time saving Direct Debit entry calculator.